Find the right solution that meets your needs.
The home security is on everyone's mind.
The crime prevention is increased, due to security functions of all KEES products.
Door opening is much easier with various devices and systems combinded.
Digital Door Lock
The digital door lock, also known as electronic lock, is a locking device 10 which operates by means of electric current. The eagerness toward con- venience evolved the digital locks, equipping with more sophisticated technologies. Most of digital locks are equipped with numeric codes and124 for some simple biometric authentication. KEES offer you digital locks with more effortless, secured option ‒ the iris identification.
IP Box
The personal portable devices are getting more and more close into our lives. The wireless internet is one of the factors that make the Internet of Things (IoT) possible. Wireless internet is no longer exclusive. The IP box works as wire-wireless router. At the same time, KEES digital locks could be interlinked to the IP box, which makes the user to use mobile app to control the door to open and close.
Wall pad
Smart technology is the key to innovations throughout modern society. The home automation is the biggest issue to the access control market participants. KEES door locks could be controlled with wall pads. Integra- tion with wall pads would make the home automation easier and more convenient.
Remote Control
The remote control was invented to provide convenience to the users. With remote controls, the user doesn’t have to rush to the door every time a visitor comes by. With a simple click, all you need to do is to greet the visitor inside.