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Q. How can I change the password?
First, open the back hatch. Press ‘Register’ button.
Press 1. Then follow the voice instructions to change / register password.
Q. I can’t find the user’s guide. How can I get it?
A. It is uploaded in our homepage. You can download it from
Q. Where can I buy the door lock / remote controller / network package?
A. The accessories are posted on KEES webpage. You could always contact us, or the nearest keyshops.
Q. The LED is off. How can I fix it?
A. There are several reasons.
i. If the battery is out, you could place a 9V battery to the emergency battery tunnel on the bottom of the door lock.
ii. If you press reset button on the bottom, the LED will work. If it doesn’t work, you should to call authorized personnel.
Q. The door is locked properly, but there is noisy sound coming out from the door lock.
A. To make the noise to stop from inside, press “Register” button or pull the batteries out. To make the noise to stop from outside, authenticate using iris, RF card, or password and press “*”.
There could be various reasons for the alarm.
i. Check if the battery is running low. If it is, change the batteries.
ii. The malfunction of temperature sensor may cause the noise. If this is what caused the noise, contact us or where you purchased the lock.
iii. The door was not closed properly last time, and the identification was not proceeded properly. If this happens again, contact the expertise nearby,or contact us at
Q. I locked myself out. The battery was running low, so that I can’t open the door. How can I get in?
A. There is an emergency power tunnel in the bottom of the door lock. Place 9V battery to the emergency battery tunnel, and press *4560852580#.